From the Rivers to the Sea

From the Rivers to the Sea

You never step into the same river twice. You are never the same person you once were.
Forever changing. Forever rotating around the sun. Until the day the sun burns out. Until that
day we are forever changing. Here for the sunrise. Gone with the setting sun. You never step
into the same river twice.

Mountains appear to be stationary. Mountains are forever growing. Forever getting smaller.
Being pulled apart ever so slowly. Making room for the rivers to run through. Making room for
the new rivers. Bringing new life to new lands beyond the horizon. Bringing nutrients to all things
living. Sculpting rocks ever so slowly. Rivers falling down waterfalls forever. Plunging their way
through time. Are things ever really finished? When did this all start if there wasn’t a beginning?

I tend to ponder these things when I’m outside. I tend to feel closer to something sacred when
I’m on the river. In the waves. In the woods. On the beach. In a cave. The closer I get to this
understanding the more at peace I am with this existence.

These things were here before us. They will be here when I’m gone. Off to the Spirit World. A
transfer of energy from this to that. A smooth transition from the Rivers to the Sea. Back to the
clouds. A perfect circle, highly complex. Right place at the right time. From a Stream of
Consciousness to the River of Life. I’m just trying to get back to the ocean. Back home. Back
where we all started.


  • February 9, 2021
    Rhunette A Kight

    Wow! This is so thought provoking. Thank you

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