4-Tier Program

At Release, clients will move through a 4-Tier Development Program designed to regulate, assess, and allot freedoms and responsibilities by way of reintegrating smoothly into day-to-day life.

Tier 1: Foundation

Clients will focus solely on their recoveries during their first 30 days at Release. Throughout Tier 1, clients will go to at least one recovery meeting every day, establish a weekly clinical group, and attend regular sessions with a licensed healthcare professional. Release Staff will provide transportation to and from all obligations, and clients will be closely supervised while at the house.

Tier 2: Formation

Once a foundation of recovery is established, clients will work with their case managers to determine next steps. Whether they seek employment or wish to pursue an education, clients will balance their schedules with their clinical obligations and Release community programming. The rate of attaining Tier 2 privileges is contingent on a client’s commitment to his or her recovery.

Tier 3: Momentum

After maintaining consistency in school or work obligations, as well as showing continued growth in their commitments to recovery, clients are expected to take on leadership roles in the community. These involve mentoring newer clients, leading programming, helping with occasional transportation, and generally fostering positivity among housemates. At this point, clients will begin to explore aftercare options with their families and case managers.

Tier 4: Release

By now, clients have proven a continued commitment to their sobrieties by maintaining their clinical care and recovery programs, excelling at work and/or school, attaining sustained financial responsibility, and determining a realistic and attainable aftercare plan. They are pillars in the community and inspire newer clients to do their best. They are prepared to move on from Release and continue to thrive.

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