Transitional Living

Development Program

Clients will move through Release’s 4-Tier Development Program as a way to track progress and gauge where extra support is needed.

Tier 1


Clients are required to focus solely on their recovery during their first 30 days at Release. During this time, clients will attend a recovery meeting once a day, establish a weekly clinical group and begin seeing a local licensed healthcare professional.

Tier 2


Once a strong foundation of recovery has been established, clients will work closely with their case manager to determine whether they will continue their education or begin to work. Necessary steps will be determined to align clients on a school or work track and clients will be held accountable for taking actions to support the determined goals. Clients and their case manager will establish a weekly schedule resembling a 40-hour work week including school or work, physical fitness and Release community programming. Clients are required to continue their clinical care and engage in a recovery program as determined by the client’s clinical support system and case manager.

Tier 3


Clients will move into this tier once they are maintaining their school or work commitments and the 40-hour work week schedule is being met with ease. Clients are expected to take on a leadership role with new community members and continue to participate in community activities when they are not at school or work. Weekly budget planning will be scheduled with the client’s case manager. Clients are required to continue their clinical care and recovery program. During this stage, the client’s case manager and clinical team are exploring aftercare options with the family.

Tier 4


When clients reach this tier they are devising their aftercare plan with their clinical team and case manager. Clients have proven a continued commitment to their sobriety by maintaining their clinical care and recovery program. The 40-hour work week schedule has been sustained and financial responsibility has been established. Moving into Release’s aftercare apartment is an option at this time.