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Safe, supportive community

We are dedicated to helping clients build a strong foundation in early recovery. Through our individualized program of intensive support and supervision, we guide clients toward a life of accountability. Our clients learn to make purposeful decisions while exploring their passions and potentials. We provide 24/7 supervision in the first month of residency—the safety of our clients is tantamount to their success, and our staff will always provide transportation—and offer full, structured days of volunteer work, recovery meetings, and group activities. Through our individualized 4 Tier recovery program, clients will learn to nurture their recoveries, gain the skills to pursue their ambitions, explore healthy and productive outlets for self-growth, and ultimately practice sustainable self-sufficiency. Release is more than just a place to live. Release is a community dedicated to helping clients discover their potentials and live their best lives.

Our Founders - Zac Clark & Justin Gurland

Zac Clark and Justin Gurland founded Release Recovery in 2017 with the goal of helping people reclaim their lives from addiction. They are an unlikely pair: Zac is a former college athlete who intended to pursue a career in sports; Justin obtained a Masters Degree in Social Work from Hunter College. When they met seven years ago, they discovered a shared conviction that the message of recovery is one best conveyed through simple language. Drawing from their years of experience in the recovery field—as well as from their own personal journeys in recovery—Zac and Justin have made it their life’s work to share the gift of recovery with as many people as possible.

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“When there’s breath there’s hope. When the lights go on, there is nothing better.”


Zac Clark, Justin Gurland and the rest of Release team, bring an extraordinary amount of care, commitment and heart to their clients. They have created a loving and nurturing environment where clients are free to share their struggles and triumphs in a non-judgmental setting. They extend the same level of love and support to the families of those residing at Release as well. Zac and Justin have created a program that exposes their clients to numerous sober activities, from camping, surfing, to charity work, in order to discover meaningful pleasures in life. Release staff is also vigilant when creating a clinical team for a client in order to ensure the best, individualized treatment to meet their specific needs.
In my collaborative work with Zac and Justin on numerous cases, their genuine commitment, love and desire to help these clients is a wonderful dynamic to be apart of. I have found them to be professional, thorough and understanding and appreciate how easy it is to work with them. Their desire to see clients not only attain sobriety, but heal old wounds, reconcile relationships and find their passions in life, is a powerful experience to be apart of.

Lauren Eskenazi, LCSW, CASACCollabrator

Not an exaggeration, Zac and Justin saved my brother’s life. My brother had been to many different detoxes and rehabs, many nationally known, but it was not working. He needed someone to really evaluate why recovery was failing. Zac and Justin helped my family find a treatment center that was best suited for my brothers recovery process. They helped secure a spot as well as help secure financing. It was the first time that treatment extended beyond the facility and that made all the difference. They then brought him into the Release community where he has thrived. To this day they are still involved in his recovery and have supported both my brother and our family in the transition. I will be eternally grateful for the love and care that Zac and Justin extended to my brother and our family.

AnonymousFamily Member

Release taught me how to live again. Zac, Justin, Sandy and the whole staff helped me learn what’s important in life, how to have fun in sobriety, and provided me and my family every resource available to help in my recovery. I am proud to be a part of Release and continue to stop by the house and hang with the guys as much as possible. Prior to Release, I had been to 5 or 6 different sober livings across the country, and none compare to the support, love and success stories that goes on at Release. I have created so many friendships and a positive network of guys I lived with, and couldn’t be any more grateful for the opportunities I have today.

Jack K.Client

Release has given our family a sense of peace over the past year. Knowing that Justin and Zac (along with the rest of the staff) knew and understood our son allowed us to trust that he was in safe hands. Additionally, your knowledge in terms of what was ahead of him in his recovery process was a priceless gift especially since it was all so unknown to our family. Being able to trust that while he was at Release you guys “got it” allowed our family to focus on our own individual healing. We all have been truly blessed by Release.

AnonymousFamily Member

Before our family entered the Release program we were walking on eggshells, full of uncertainty and despair. It was all consuming and I could think of nothing but finding a place where my son could get well. My son came into the program ready and willing to fight his battle. From the very beginning the staff evaluated and devised a plan for his individual goals and needs. They kept the family updated on his progress and were available anytime to discuss and all concerns. Words can hardly express the gratitude we have for the entire staff. Before Release our hope was dwindling but very quickly we realized our son was in the best place possible. One time about halfway through his stay he came home for a visit. He looked me right in the eyes and I could clearly see that I truly had my amazing son back. The healing for our whole family was nothing short of a miracle. Release is a very special place, unlike any other with a fresh, cutting edge approach to healing and recovery.

Kristin R.Family Member

Before I started at Release I was in a really dark place. I had recently relapsed after a year and a half of sobriety and I was extremely depressed. I was not in good mental, spiritual or physical health.
I was surprised at how quickly I felt comfortable at Release. The staff made my transition from rehab as smooth as possible. The majority of my peers at Release were serious about their recovery, something I was not expecting given my previous experiences. Release did a great job of making sure everyone kept recovery as their number one priority. Bonding with the other guys had a huge impact on me. Experiencing real belly laughs with all the guys was a constant reminder of why I want to be sober. Life is a lot different from when I first stepped into Release. I am coming up on a year sober, have a good relationship with my family, and have a job I like. I try to keep it simple and do the next right thing wherever possible. Release gave me the ability to take the time to focus on myself while also instilling in me the tools I need to stay sober. I now use those tools in my daily life to maintain my sobriety. As long as I keep doing those things I will live a long sober life and I will always be able to look back and say that it started at Release.

Jordan O.Client