Release is a private organization that specializes in helping clients and their families navigate the many options for addiction treatment to find their way to sustainable, long-term recovery.  In our twenty years of combined experience working in the recovery services field, we have seen that a multidisciplinary approach to treating addiction yields the most success when working with our clients and their families as a whole.  It has been proven that continued care following comprehensive substance abuse treatment is an effective practice to restoring purpose and stability to those devastated by substance use disorder. One approach rarely fits all when it comes to addiction treatment services, which is why we offer a number of different options to our clients.

At Release, clients can receive various levels of support through our wide array of services.  We offer highly structured Transitional Living in Westchester, New York, catering to men ages 18 and older. In addition to transitional living we provide other recovery services in New York City and the surrounding areas including Interventions, Case Management, Recovery Coaching, Sober Companion and Safe Transportation Services.  We also provide Clinical Referrals, Treatment Placement and Private Drug Testing. Our reach and sober networks extend beyond Westchester County and New York City, which allows us to work with families across the country.  All inquiries are 100% confidential.

Clients are not expected to know which services are the best fit,
which is why we specialize in identifying and matching clients with the most effective and appropriate treatment plans.

The Release team is dedicated to supporting our clients as they work through
the early stages of recovery and ultimately discover a life beyond addiction.

– Zac Clark & Justin Gurland, Co-Founders of Release