Our Story

Release Recovery was founded in 2017 by Zac Clark and a team of dedicated individuals who wanted to reinvent the way the world views recovery.

Society tends to define recovering from Substance Use Disorder or mental illness by what’s missing, what you have to give up, or what you have to sacrifice. The Release team brings a whole new energy and meaning to the recovery space. To us, recovery is defined by what’s added, what you get to embrace, what you get to build and create.

Fueled by love and united in shared purpose with our friends, family, and partners, Release is committed to making lasting change through comprehensive and individualized care with the intent for all those recovering to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

Zac Clark

Zac Clark is an American mental health and addiction recovery advocate and the co-founder and CEO of Release Recovery, a New York-based addiction and mental health recovery program, and the founding board member for Release Recovery Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides scholarships for treatment to those who cannot afford it.

In 2016 Clark founded Release Recovery, starting with one transitional living facility and expanding to three in the greater New York City area, offering customizable recovery plans including recovery coaching, sober companion, case management, safe transport and intervention services. In 2020, he developed the nonprofit arm, Release Recovery Foundation, which has funded the treatment of more than 35 individuals and has raised more than $1 million for addiction and mental health recovery. Additionally, Release Recovery Foundation has created scholarships specifically for the LGBTQ+ community, minorities, college students and women. As CEO of Release Recovery and a founding board member of Release Recovery Foundation, Clark is tasked with developing and executing business plans and maintaining the day-to-day operations of the program, inclusive of organizational expansion, staff development, fundraising and strategic planning.

Meet the Team Flipping the Script on Recovery

The Release team is diverse, energetic, and committed to helping clients focus on the excitement and inspiration that recovery offers–so that healing is more accessible and sustainable.

“When there’s breath there’s hope.
When the lights go on, there is nothing better.”

— Zac Clark

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