Recovery Services

We offer a variety of customizable recovery plans that include Recovery Coaching, Sober Companion, Case Management, Safe Transport and Intervention services. We encourage families to contact us so we can assess which services are the best fit for their loved one.

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Recovery Coaching

We offer recovery coaching to individuals who require additional support during the various phases of recovery. After assessing a client’s needs, we pair them with the coach from our team who we believe will give the client the greatest opportunity to flourish.

Examples of recovery coaching support:

  • The individual has completed in-patient treatment and achieved sobriety, but has recently relapsed into old behaviors and is in need of additional support.
  • The individual is in recovery, but is struggling in other key areas of life. A coach will provide career guidance, academic advisement, budget planning, and assistance in establishing fitness routines, nutrition choices, spiritual practices along with healthy friendships and relationships.
  • The individual has abused substances in the past, but is uncertain about having a substance abuse problem. The coach will introduce recovery tools while assessing how the person is living.
  • The individual is maintaining sobriety but needs support addressing other behaviors that are not conducive to a life in recovery.
  • A family member is concerned about a loved one and needs to step down as the primary support person. The coach can help mediate the relationship and facilitate the development of healthy boundaries. Coaching services are overseen by a case manager, typically include drug testing, and are provided in New York CIty, Westchester County, Long Island and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut.

Sober Companion

Sober companions are provided when individuals require support from the time they wake in the morning until they go to sleep at night. Our highly trained professionals can help ease an individual back into life during the first 72 hours after treatment completion, and beyond.

Examples of sober companion support:

  • The individual cannot go away to inpatient treatment for an extended period of time, but requires intensive support. A sober companion, alongside a robust clinical team, provides this support once a detoxification is complete.
  • The individual is in treatment but needs to leave for a brief period of time for an urgent matter. A sober companion accompanies the individual on the trip and helps them return safely to treatment.
  • The individual is returning home after completing inpatient treatment and requires assistance reintegrating into everyday living.
  • The individual has completed treatment and returns to school in order to finish a degree. A sober companion can help them complete the semester, and assist them in applying the newly learned recovery tools to their life.
  • The individual is working with a clinician or psychiatrist , but needs additional support between sessions.

Release sober companion services are highly discreet and confidential. We often work with families and individuals who are in the public eye and will assist in tailoring a recovery plan.

Case Management

We offer intensive case management services for individuals who are in early recovery or who are struggling to maintain sobriety. Case managers work directly with the client and family to create a recovery plan which includes weekly drug and alcohol testing and check-ins with both the family and the client. Client meetings are scheduled weekly and case managers will meet with family members bi-weekly or on an as needed basis. We believe clinical collaboration is essential which is why we work closely with all providers (therapists, psychiatrists, internists) to ensure that we are moving our client forward in his or her recovery journey.

Safe Transport

This service is used when individuals are in need of a secure and efficient form of transportation, often times when traveling to and from treatment. Our team will facilitate a smooth and safe transition from an individual’s home to their treatment center providing clients with an extra layer of support and accountability.

Safe transport services are also utilized for other life events including, but not limited to:

  • Courthouse appearances
  • Parol appointments
  • Airport transportation
  • Business conferences
  • Family events


Years of experience have taught us no two cases are alike which is why we are dedicated to helping families in crisis determine the level of support they need. When a family and the client are both motivated to receive help we will work with the family to find the treatment options that will meet both their clinical and financial needs. When a family has a loved one who is resisting help, Release will conduct a full assessment, build out a team of experts best suited for the family and client and move forward with a staged intervention. If a family is not ready to stage an intervention we will help the family learn new skills and boundary setting techniques, leading the family towards an intervention over a longer period of time. All interventions have one purpose: helping families and their loved ones access the appropriate level of treatment and support.