A Safe, Supportive Community for Women

Everyone deserves access to the tools for recovery, and Release is committed to providing that access to everyone.

Recovery in New York City

At the Release Recovery NYC Women’s Program, we provide safe and highly structured Transitional Living to women 18 and older. Located in a beautiful 5-story townhome on the Upper East Side, clients will enjoy the innumerable resources available to them in the heart of Manhattan. Clients are only blocks away from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or a quick walk through Central Park to reach the American Museum of Natural History. World-class restaurants and entertainment are ubiquitous. In addition to these amenities, New York City is home to over a thousand recovery meetings each day. Clients will have continuous access to 12-step meetings, SMART recovery, and a diverse range of other recovery options. Some of the world’s finest addiction specialists, psychiatrists, and mental health experts practice in Manhattan, many of whom have forged enduring professional relationships with Release. Perhaps most importantly, clients will learn to support one another on their journeys to better living. Community-focused recovery of this kind does not exist elsewhere.

Safe, supportive community

We are dedicated to helping clients build a strong foundation in early recovery. Through our individualized program of intensive support and supervision, we guide clients toward a life of accountability. Our clients learn to make purposeful decisions while exploring their passions and potentials. We provide 24/7 supervision in the first month of residency—the safety of our clients is tantamount to their success, and our staff will always accompany newer clients to and from their appointments around the city—and offer full, structured days of volunteer work, recovery meetings, and group activities such as yoga and meal preparation with our in-house chef. Through our individualized 4 Tier recovery program, clients will learn to nurture their recoveries, gain the skills to pursue their ambitions, explore healthy and productive outlets for self-growth, and ultimately practice sustainable self-sufficiency. Release is more than just a place to live. Release is a community dedicated to helping clients discover their potentials and live their best lives.

A typical day in the Release Recovery Women’s Program

On weekdays, clients are dressed and downstairs by 8am, when they are responsible for preparing breakfast. After breakfast, they will attend a morning reflections group led by a staff member. Following morning reflections, clients will head out to work, school, or their outpatient programs, depending on where each individual is in her recovery. Weekday afternoons are reserved for group programs ranging from yoga to volunteer work. Dinner is prepared nightly by our in-house chef. Following dinner, clients will attend an evening recovery meeting before returning to the house for drug testing and an evening reflections group. Lights out is at 11pm.
On weekends, clients will head out the door by 10am for a morning recovery meeting followed by lunch and a group activity. On Sundays, families are encouraged to visit their loved ones at the house. Every Sunday night, a woman in recovery will come to the house to speak about her journey. Clients will then prepare a family-style dinner and spend time together.

Release Recovery's 4-Tier Program

Success and Wellbeing

The Release Recovery NYC Women’s Program offers collaborative care in a safe and structured environment. When a client enters Release, she will find herself surrounded by recovery professionals who are dedicated to her success and wellbeing. With access to rich and diverse treatment options—as well as the vast cultural wealth of New York City—Release offers women both the purpose and gratification necessary to build rewarding lives in their journeys to recovery.

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