What is Safe Transport?

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What is Safe Transport?

Release Recovery provides safe/sober transport services in NYC and across the country. Safe transport services allows individuals in recovery to resume important activities in their life such as:

  • Going to treatment
  • Meetings
  • Legal appointments
  • Court appearances
  • And beyond

Our safe transport services are a foundational offering that allows individuals who are in the early stages of their recovery — when temptation can be at its highest — to resume their lives, while working towards regaining their independence.

Self-trust is hard fought and hard won. Having people you trust to hold you accountable, especially early in recovery, can be an invaluable asset as you practice good, healthy habits that will form the foundation of long-term recovery.

At Release Recovery, our safe transport teams are all trained in-house. We don’t use any outside contractors. And we carefully select our team to suit the specific needs of the person who is being transported. In all cases, our staff are highly-skilled and empathetic — always there to provide firm support and encouragement.

3 Tips for Doing a Safe Transport

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We understand that there are situations in which you may need to provide safe transport for someone yourself. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s very important that you follow the 3 tips that our very own Mario Diurno outlines in the video above. Mario is a seasoned professional in special services at Release, which means he’s done his fair share of safe transports.

  1. Always bring NARCAN.
  2. Limit your stops. Zero stops if possible.
  3. Lead with love and compassion.

And the hidden 4th step: Keep Going!

For more information on Release Recovery’s sober transport, get in touch with us today at 914-588-6564; and we’d be happy to help.