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Addiction Recovery Services in New York City, Westchester and Beyond

Our Services

Recovery Services in New York City, Westchester and Beyond

Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Services
That Fit Your Unique Situation

At Release, clients’ unique needs, lifestyle, and goals are crucial in determining their best course of action. Before we recommend any service, we have an in-depth consultation with clients and their families to attain a full needs assessment. Only after we have the full picture of a client’s situation do we move forward with a recommendation of services.

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Substance Use Disorder
& Mental Health Services

Intervention / Consultation

We call this service an “intervention” or “consultation” because no two cases are the same. Some clients require us to intervene immediately, and some benefit from a longer term, consultative approach. Either way, we know that calling us for this service is one of the most difficult phone calls to make.

Clinical Services

At our Westchester Counseling Center, we’re focused on identifying the root cause of symptoms and behaviors – without blame, shame, or labels that fail to acknowledge the ability to change.

Sober Coaching

Sober Coaching supports clients in various phases of recovery. Clients benefit from this service when they face stress in key areas of life, relapse into old behaviors, or need to address other behaviors not conducive to recovery. A combination of one on one sessions and regular touchpoints with a sober coach, this service provides clients with additional structure and support as they navigate their recovery journey.

Case Management

Whether you’re an in-house sober living client or private outside client, you will have a case manager assigned to you. As the “quarterbacks of care,” case managers coordinate all aspects of your treatment, from linking together your providers to communicating with loved ones.

Sober Companion

It’s hard to stay healthy and sober in the real world. Our handpicked sober companions serve clients who need round-the-clock accountability on a short-term basis. Examples include executives traveling for business, college students heading back to school, and individuals who don’t want to return to residential treatment.

Safe Transport

Available 365 days/year, 24 hours/day, our safe transport service helps clients get to and from treatment- and non-treatment-related destinations anywhere in the country.

Mental Health Support

Release Recovery is a place for healing for all. Our team understands that substance use disorder is often linked with co-occurring disorders and the need to address them concurrently. We receive many calls a day in regard to mental health treatment and co-occurring disorders. If you or a loved one is dealing with a mental health concern or co-occurring disorder, we may have services to support you.

Clients who call us with a primary mental health diagnosis will be asked to participate in many services that are used to support other clients. For example, we ask that clients participate in meetings and groups, comply with their medication regimen and permit our team to speak with their doctors.

In cases where a mental health diagnosis is too acute, our team will work hard to find the appropriate references to ensure that you or your loved one receives the care they need.

Our goal is to help clients develop an individualized plan that is both effective and sustainable. This is done in collaboration and consultation with our professional partners in the field to ensure best practice. Ongoing client assessment is necessary to determine the appropriate level of care so that the client is placed in the optimum environment to seek help, whether that’s with Release or with one of our partner providers.

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Sober Living in Westchester, New York and New York City

Our premier recovery service, we offer a highly structured, supervised, and nurturing transitional living program as well as support services for men and women in early recovery. Clients are placed in our facilities in either Westchester or New York City.

Established in 2016, Release Recovery’s sober living in-house program has helped clients reclaim their lives and reinvent the way the world views recovery.

Help with Finding
Alternate Recovery Options

The gift of recovery should be made possible to everyone. We acknowledge that our services might not be the right fit for some people, and that’s ok. For a variety of reasons–financial resources, insurance, and diagnosis–clients might need different services than what we provide. In those instances, our team will gladly make a referral to another resource.