Our Philosophy

We believe recovery comes first, always. Our organization is built on a foundation of principles driven by honesty, integrity, accountability and service. We are dedicated to creating a sustainable, healthy experience for our clients and their families regardless of where they are in their recovery journey. We do everything we can to ensure the safety and protect the recovery of our clients. Our transitional living residence and full array of recovery services are guided by our belief in the power of community and positive peer interaction. We are focused on continuing our clients’ momentum of positive change, and are committed to the long-term success of their journey in recovery. Our holistic approach incorporates wellness, continued education and career development. We recognize each client’s recovery and wellness journey will be unique and that is why we create customized recovery plans for every client, fueled with positive guidance and mindful self-work. Our goal is to release every one of our clients into a safe, sober and productive life that they are excited to live.


Our Property

Built in 1876, our Westchester residence is a newly renovated nine-bedroom country estate on three acres of land. We are located just outside of New York City – offering an ideal mix of town and country living. Clients can enjoy the peaceful local scenery on any of the nearby hiking trails and nature preserves or catch a quick train to Manhattan and experience everything the city has to offer.


Our Mission

Release is a New York based recovery solutions organization dedicated to helping families overcome the national epidemic of addiction. 23.5 million Americans over the age of 12 are addicted to drugs and alcohol with only 11% receiving treatment. Of the 11% who receive treatment, even fewer receive comprehensive after-care solutions. Release is committed to providing families with the wraparound services necessary to help their loved ones achieve recovery. Release was founded with the intention of creating a safe, healing community that would provide clients and their families the opportunity to experience a life in recovery. Collectively, the co-founders of Release have over 20 years of experience working in the addiction recovery field.


Our Founders


Our Team

Sandy Bassin

Director of Women’s Services

Neil Harman

Director of Men’s Services

Guy Rella

Program Director

Sally Sebastian

Program Director

Joe Zappone

Director of Operations

Ben Chertoff

Senior Support Staff

Rachelle Commodore-Dixon

Community Manager

Nancy Sanchez

Senior Community Support Specialist

Max Halper

Academic & Vocational Advisor

Steve Fraum

Recovery Coach & Client Support Specialist

Mario Diurno

Client Support Specialist

William Gold

Client Support Specialist

Thomas Grace

Client Support Specialist

Max Jones

Client Support Specialist

Shivani Mistry

Community Support Specialist

Lola Paz

House Caretaker

Heidi Pettersen

Community Support Specialist

Marshall Rogers

Client Support Specialist

Lucy Rorech

Community Support Specialist

Caryn Rude

Community Support Specialist

Avivit Wolly

Wellness Chef